Diamond IPhone 4G coming soon

The latest smart phone to hit the markets, Apple iPhone 4G has now been given a royal treatment by Stuart Hughes in the form of Apple iPhone 4G Diamond Edition. This incredibly gorgeous device has been hailed as the world’s first iPhone 4G to be adorned in diamonds and platinum. The front rim of this iPhone 4G is studded with 6.5cts diamonds, and the rear of the device is made entirely from platinum and comes with a diamond Apple logo.

This 32GB handset is unlocked and hence can be used in any part of the globe. For £12,995 ($19,500), it also comes with an exotic wallet crafted out of Ostrich foot to hold it safe. This slim wallet can also hold up to four credit cards too. A diamond studded iPhone 4G and four credit cards are all that a well-heeled individual needs to step out with! Grab one soon as it is available in a limited number of 50 only.

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