Benq DC X725 Specs features price details

Benq amazes us once again with the launch of the new compact classy digital camera. The DC X725 is as small as 12.5 millimeters, and the material from which it is made of is steel, so it is stainless and more resistant. It comes in four different colors, black, red silver, or pearl. It has a 1/2.5 CCD and can go up to 3x optical zoom. The ISO sensitivity can go up to 1600 on photos and 4000 on videos. You can also increase the memory, as it has an SD/SDHC memory card support. The range of mega pixels is, for the time being, unknown, but we can assume it has more then the previous release of Benq that had 7.2. We also have no information regarding the price.

It was only a couple of months ago that we were admiring the slimness of BenQ's T700 digital camera, which was a shade under 15mm thick. Like the X725, the T700 was about the dimensions of a credit card, boasted 7 megapixels and had a display screen resolution of 232,000 pixels.Supported by a high sensitivity of up to ISO 4000 on movie mode and ISO 1600 in shooting mode, the X725 ensures that your moments are captured bright and natural in dark settings without having to use an artificial flash. So, even if you're out under the stars or dining in a romantically lit bistro, your photos will always turn out picture-perfect

Let's assume 7.2 megapixels like its predecessor. BenQ does manage to tell us a bit about the Pentax (Super Multi-Coating) 3x optical zoom lens, Super Shake Free stabilization, ISO 1600 sensitivity (4000 in recording mode), and SD/SDHC card support. Oh, and BenQ says it's available worldwide too, only they fail to mention a price. Pfff. Pic of the backside looking out, after the break.

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