Swann HD 4 GB PenCam and discreet video surveillance

Swann has disclose its latest digital video cameras the HD PenCam and PenCam 4GB. Each device cover a tiny video camera and DVR inside a real working pen.This PenCam is one of two, the first being HD and the second having a “4GB” annexed to the name. These units both work as ink pens and are able to capture high definition AVI videos as well as JPEG images, both able to do so in complete suppress and without the person you’re recording conscious that the recording is going on.

The HD PenCam is proficient of recording high-definition AVI videos (1280x720 pixels) and high-resolution JPEG images on microSD memory cards, while the PenCam 4G ($69.99) shoots VGA movies and 1.2-megapixel stills and saves them in its built-in memory. Both versions switch between video and photo mode with a touch of a button, feature date and time stamping, and are compatible with PCs and Macs.

The on-board storage has gone, but that’s no bad fact as it’s being substitute for with a MicroSD card slot. It takes cards up to 16GB on to which you can store 150 minutes of HD video.If you want a coat pocket video recorder then the PenCam 4GB costs $69.99. The HD PenCam arouse that price to $99.99.

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