Option VIU2 Mobile 3G Camera reviews

Belgium established on 3G modem vendor, Option, has proclaim today their design for a new plug and play 3G security camera, which they have knighted the VIU2. They demand the camera is simple to set up and can be worked with any surroundings– all the user would have to do is select their request location for the camera, plug in the power cable and they’re good to go. The camera is according to reports activated and supervise inward a personalized VIU2 webpage.

The camera is said to work beautiful much characteristic of a normal security camera, finding the demeanor of a might be trespasser through the use of motion and sound detectors. whereas motion or sound is detected, the camera will then unintentionally send out an SMS or email to the user, notifying them of the event.

The blended VIU2 security service on the made private webpage is said to feature a large quantity of camera views, sighting from a single camera, single user scenario to multi-camera setups where hundreds of users are capcble to watch the live streams and absorb notifications wherever they are. Option is also said to allow supplemental fix such as cloud storage of selected video clips or recordings, which we’re guessing is for backup purposes.

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