Nokia N9 MeeGo Smartphone 4 Announced

Nokia announced the Nokia N9, the very  first pure touch smartphone . Nokia N9 concentrated upon the most  main issue that people do use apps, get notifications and switch between different activities. Directing the UI is done with a simple gesture, a swipe of a finger. The Nokia N9 arrives in three colours: black, cyan and magenta and with large storage capacities of 16GB and 64GB on the two verities to be made available.

The Nokia N9 has a pretty and fair one-piece, unibody design  in the place which the hardware and software fit together smoothly.It has a  3.9 inch curved glass AMOLED display allows the applications make glimmer and take full profit of the user interface.The Nokia N9 is the world’s first absolute touch screen phone unless any front-facing buttons at all. You unlock the phone by just double-tapping the screen.

It has a  8MP auto focus camera with dual LED flash and super wide 28mm lens and support of 16:9 resolution and so provide HD also.It's browser used the technology-Webkit 2.The Nokia N9 also has the new Nokia Maps with free, voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation system.

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