Kingston’s new DataTraveler 108 USB Flash drive

Kingston’s new DataTraveler 108 USB Flash drive is very  little and slim sufficient to fit in any place while defending your data. Its design characterize a USB plug protected by an aluminium cover that flips when you need to gain your data. And its useful key loop lets users convert this stylish drive into a fashion accessory accompanied by the use of a lanyard.

DataTraveler 108 arrives with urDrive1 loaded in advance software that deliver you a new and excitement  way to look at your data. When you launch the software, the urDrive interface pops up similar to a desktop for your USB drive. It characterize drag-and-drop and double-click abilities to help arrange all of your files, photos, videos, music and even more.It is very  comfortable to use, it comprise a built-in Photo Viewer and MP3 player plus a 2GB online backup account to retain your important files secure in the cloud.

DataTraveler 108 is supported by legendary Kingston credibility plus a five-year warranty and 24/7 technical support. Other Specifications: -Capacities  4GB, 8GB, 16GB,Dimensions -37.33mm x 19.97mm x 10.00mm,Plug and Play, Models-4GB –-DT108/4GB,8GB – DT108/8GB-16GB – DT108/16GB

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