GIGABYTE 14-inch Booktop - M2432

GIGABYTE announced a  14-inch Booktop  M2432, the inheritor to the unique and very concern to Booktop  M1405. The Booktop  M2432 is a shining and mobile notebook that arrives with an new docking station with a desktop grade graphics card built-in and full I/O ports to included a perfect desktop PC experience. The notebook also has a powerful 2nd generation Intel Core i5 Processor, USB 3.0, THX TruStudio Pro and numerous other superior characterizes.

The 14” LED backlight display that makes sharp and clear images at a 1366x768 screen resolution and Intel’s excellent integrated HD 3000 graphics, the M2432 is much for casual mainstream gaming and watching HD movies. It has Weighing of 1.81Kg and with a sports a thickness of 27.6mm.

The unequaled M2432 docking station arrived with  burdened many exceptional characterize to furnish a desktop resembling experience. An excellent built-in NVIDIA GT 440 GPU with 1GB VRAM DDR5 arrived to provided on the docking station and convey desktop level graphics performance on up to two external monitors. The result is a amazing visual experience that is very  wonderful for gaming.

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