Acer H9500 DLP Home Theater Projector

Acer has reveal one more  Home Theater projector called the H9500 DLP Home Theater Projector . This new projector is direct towards at users who wants to add Full HD projection with natural 16:9 aspect ratio to belonging to entertainment system.

It characterize Dynamic Black technology that will unintentionally produce maximum results each scene to the best black levels while it keep the innovative brightness of the projected images, there is in addition of Acer’s True Motion Technology that take advantage of MEMC to make better the projectors image quality by reducing motion blur in fast moving scenes.

 It has the capability to project images up to 300-inch from a distance of 32.7-feet distance or get an 60-inch projector from 1 meter away from the base of projection. It is now ready for  purchase for the price of nearly £1700.

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