HTC Bliss For Women-overviews

HTC’s latest smartphone is in a limited manner intend by at women and is known as the HTC Bliss. The Bliss resemble like a renovate version of the HTC Desire S.HTC Bliss, a smartphone for the ladies that would be the first Android model with such a concentrate.

The HTC Bliss is said to be only approximately .54-inches in thickness and will arise preloaded with shopping similarity apps and calorie numbering apps for the health-conscious women.the sales package will contain a square-shaped speaker that brace voice recognition and can be easily connected to a car visor.Obviously, a 'bling bling' Bluetooth headset will also be delivered with the HTC Bliss.

From a charging dock with merged speakers, to a stylish Bluetooth headset, to the Charm indicator photographed above that will light up everytime there’s a new message or missed call alert.Although larger part of us would think this thing is to work wirelessly, it apparently that it will attach to the phone with a cord, so that make it easier for women to pluck the handset out of their purse.

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