HP Pavilion HPE H-8, Pavilion p-7, Pavilion Slimline S-5 Desktop PCs

HP present  three new series of desktop computers, the Pavilion HPE H-8, Pavilion p-7, Pavilion Slimline S-5 and  with the thinner LED monitor(x2301). Some models will include Beats Audio sound technical methods and processes and HP Link-up technology that lets the computer users view and act reciprocally  with content and programs from their notebook PCs on an HP Pavilion desktop PC wireless by way of a home network and lacking of the file mix-ups or complex synchronization.

The Pavilion p7 is a mainstream PC with abundant hard drive space for photos, music and video, additional amount of graphics and multichannel surround sound, while the space-saving Pavilion Slimline s5 is less than half the size of formal PC towers, But configurable to offer greatest storage and processors to uphold the most requesting multitasking.

The Pavilion HPE h8 is to the highest in number in  powerful Pavilion PCHP S7.It is powered by up to AMD Phenom or Intel Core i7 processor and is provide with NVIDIA or ATI graphics and up to three hard drives. It offers extreme computing experience in a shining and simple design.The p7 and h8 will be available  in the price of $299.99 and $599.99 respectively, and the s5 will for $329.99.

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