Hoyos Eye Lock USB announced

Espionage has always carried a certain request in our mind to create mental images . Personally, when I first perceive by listening about the new Hoyos EyeLock USB gadget, I without delay thought of Charlie’s Angels, Minority Report, 24 and Alias, and just how much fun I would have imagining myself getting into the most clandestine places and having access to the most top secret files.

The gadget, which barely weighs 4 ounces, even makes use of USB technology to make it even more appealing. Anyone with a PC or laptop that has at least one USB port can definitely take advantage of this unique product. The EyeLock comes in the form of a USB flash drive with a size similar to that of a standard business card so it’s totally portable and functional.

The USB gadget is expected to hit the market sometime this year and will be sold at a fair price of $99 – not bad considering its performance

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