Samsung LED D8000 TV specs price features

Samsung D8000 and D7000 LED-backlit LCD TV displays will be able of passing video data wirelessly to be notable on suiting tablet and smartphone devices.Samsung D8000 and D7000 entirely different from the old to the complete total elimination of the frame around the display.Samsung reviled its Samsung D8000 3D LED TV last month in Las Vegas; this lovely 3D TV won a CES 2011 Engineering Award and best Innovations Design Award. it will go to give a huge race in market to other LED TV products of 2011.

D8000 is the latest Samsung LED TV 3D entirely different beauty because you do not lose games in style nor in particular stands bulky. And minimalist, the new TV is not just about attaining an inch of the frame good similarity and dissimilarity to the models of 2010.D7000 still retains a noticeable layer (but insignificant), black in color, while D8000 presents a practically non-existent metal. As far as performance, Samsung D8000 offers technology with Micro Dimming LED Edge Plus 200/240Hz, a 2ms response time and LED back-light.

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