Apple iPhone 4 on Verizon - iPhone 4 CDMA Price and Obtainablity

Apple iPhone 4 CDMA

Verizon Wireless & Apple Team Up to Distribute Apple iPhone 4 on Verizon. The Verizon iPhone 4 has a CDMA antenna, and that’s make it distinct from the AT&T iPhone 4. The iPhone 4 CDMA provides new New Antenna Design and Personal Hot Spot option to connect up to five wireless devices. The Apple iPhone 4 CDMA will be available on Verizon . The CDMA Apple iPhone 4 is non-exclusive to Verizon, so another carriers also can offer the iPhone 4 on their network too.

Pricing : Verizon customers can pre-order for the standard $200 price for the 16GB model on a two year agreement and $300 for the 32GB version.

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