iTwin USB Flash Drives price specs features in india

iTwin has done just this, as their all new wireless USB two part device (aptly named "iTwin") is basically two USB connectors with built in encryption engine.iTwin and comes from a company in Singapore that was present at the TechCrunch 50 conference, which took place during September 14-15 in San Francisco.

iTwin consists of 2 USB flash drives that can be owned by 2 different people to store files on them. When they need to start a file transfer they can do it even from different parts of the world by connecting each drive to their computers and make sure they have the Internet connectivity active and working.Add in 256-bit AES encryption to keep nosy neighbours out and you may just have a very elegant solution for both the student and road warrior alike, About the only thing that does not sound good about the iTwin is the price. With a MSRP of $109, it is not exactly a cheap solution but will make a nice gift for road warriors! Video demo after the jump.

The file transfer between two computers having iTwins connected is done via the Internet and that’s why there is no need for cable connectivity.
This technology simplifies the connectivity and file transfer processes between 2 computers, while the connection is maintained secure, based on a secret key known only by the twin devices.

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