New Alienware OptX AW2310 3D Monitor

Alienware more precious display has all the features Acer includes, but it supervise to compress even more into the similarly-sized monitor. Like many of Dell’s higher-priced models, the OptX includes a four-pronged USB hub and an audio connector, both highly valued merchandise for gamers.

The OptX takes between five to seven seconds to fully power on, which is moderately slow for a gaming monitor, even for its size (larger monitors essentially power on more slowly than smaller ones). The buttons are extremely comfortable to use, especially in comparison to the majority of computer monitor controls, which are often a nuisance.

The display swivel is a huge bonus feature that many current monitors lack. You can adjust the height, turn the screen left and right, and tilt the screen up and down by a total of six inches, 110 degrees, and 30 degrees respectively. And unlike Acer’s GD235HZ, the OptX is heavy, giving it the feel of durability and security, which is a necessary feature for an adjustable display.

The OptX also includes a Dynamic Contrast on/off switch in the menus, which will automatically brighten and dim the screen depending on the content on-screen. When dark images are on the screen, it’ll dim, and when light images appear, the screen brightens. The feature lacks elusiveness and requires some refinement, and for our testing, we turned it off because the changes in brightness were too drastic to properly record. The feature, however, has potential.

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