how to add Recent Post slideshow in blogger?

This guide will exhibit you how to add featured content slideshow to show your indicated post to your readers.This slideshow is very easy to setup and can absolutely manage width and height to match your template.Not only that you can change the speed of this slideshow easily.Default width is 550px and Default height is 200px.I think you will love this slideshow .

Step 1:-Sign in blogger and edit HTML in template design

Step 2:-Find the tag .

Step 3:-Download the source code by clicking here and extract it.

Step 4:-Copy NOTE PAD 1 code and paste it just before the tag

Step 5:-Save your template

Step 6:-Go to template design and add gadget "html/java script"

Step 7:-Copy NOTEPAD 2 code and paste that into gadget "html/java script" .

Step 8:-Save Gadget.

Step 9:- into the gadget "html/java script" Replace YOUR-LINK-HERE and images with your content.

Step 10:-To change the speed of slide show, change the value of timeout: 4000. in NOTEPAD 1

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